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      Beef Shares

      If you are looking to stock up on the highest quality Texas Wagyu beef for your family, our Evridge Farms Beef Shares are the answer. You don't have to rely on the grocery store supply chain and you can rest assured that your beef was looked after by us from birth to harvest. 

      Custom Full or Half Beef Options

      Occasionally, we market full and half beeves for custom processing. We get messages about this every day. In general, the cost of a full beef after processing and packaging is around $4500-5500. With this option, you would get to choose the size and types of steaks, roasts, ribs, briskets you would like cut. We can even sub in jerky or snack sticks!

      These prices are based on a "hanging weight" of 850 lbs plus typical processing. If you would like bacon, jerky or sausage that can push the price higher.  

      If you would like to be added to our wait list for full and halves, please email us at amanda@evridgefarms.com or message us through the website.