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      Evridge Family


      John has farming in his blood. He bought and cleared his first land 25 years ago as a high school student. In fact, 2020 marks his 25 cotton crop on that very same farm. Today, our homeplace borders that field. Amanda grew up around agriculture but a generation removed from actually living on the farm. Living and raising a family on the farm caught her by surprise but she's decided there's no better way to do life. Macy, Benton and Levi are all growing up working cows, driving tractor, and, in general, running wild outside. 

      Today we continue our row crop operation growing cotton, wheat, rosemary, and various other grains but we've also added a farm to table beef program and cut flowers! We share our day to day on social media so that our community gets a glimpse of life on the farm and also can be assured of the way our crops and cows are raised. We'd love for you to join us and follow along.