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      Recipes from the Farm

      Family Friendly Chocolate Chili

      Family Friendly Chocolate Chili

      Sometimes the weather (and maybe the empty fridge) just call for a warm bowl of chili....over corn chips...with cheese..and sour cream. Oh... Maybe that's just me. 

      I always shoot to meal plan for the entire week- we live about an hour from a large grocery store- but sometimes I just don't get it done. The ingredients for this chili live in my pantry and freezer year round. It freezes beautifully so you can just make a double batch and freeze half. It's great for a potluck or team dinner. 

      I know the idea of chocolate in your chili might sound a little funny but it honestly just adds a smoky richness to it. Don't tell my friends, but I sometimes add a can of kidney beans because I like the texture. People in Texas take the beans in chili debate very seriously so that'll be our secret.  

      Smoked Beef Tenderloin for the Family Feast

      smoked beef tenderloin for the holidays

      The holidays are the best time to order our favorite, and the most coveted, cut of beef- the tenderloin. A few years ago, a friend sent us a smoked tenderloin in the mail. It was meant to be sliced thin and served as an appetizer with baguette or crackers and maybe a little soft cheese or horseradish sauce. Well, wow. It was so rich and just feels like a nice touch for the family gathering.

      We now make it for our family every holiday and suspect your family would love it,too.  

      Make Your Own Bone Broth

      Evridge Farms Healing Bone Broth

      Bone broth is easy to make and extremely nutritious. It's so much better than the stuff in the carton! Extremely rich, full of essential amino acids and healing collagen, bone broth is a no brainer at our house!

      Amino acids in bone broth have been shown to boost immunity and reduce inflammation (especially in the gut). The ample amounts of gelatin help to heal the gut and nutrients in broth including magnesium and calcium are easily digestible. Other nutrients including chondroitin, collagen and glucosamine are power house nutrients for healing your joints. By now, you have probably heard of the benefits of collagen for your skin, as well.