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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Lisa J

      This meat is so delicious! I even way overcooked my roast, and it was still wonderful! It's nice to always have meat that we feel comfortable eating in the freezer. We're in the club, so shipping is FREE! Thank you for your service to our communities!

      Steven Chavez

      I recently had the pleasure of trying ground beef from a family owned farm called Evridge in Texas and I must say, it was truly exceptional. The quality of the meat was top-notch and you could tell that it was raised with care and attention to detail.
      Not only was the flavor of the ground beef delicious, but it also cooked up perfectly, resulting in a juicy and tender dish that my whole family enjoyed. Knowing that the beef came from a family owned farm in Texas made it even more special, as I could feel good about supporting local farmers and knowing exactly where my food was coming from.
      I highly recommend trying ground beef from this family owned farm. Not only will you be supporting a small business, but you'll also be treating yourself to some of the best beef you'll ever taste. I am excited to have officially joined the Club at Evridge farms and look forward to continuing buying from this great family.

      Thurston McCutchen

      The meat is excellent and was delivered on time...even early! Even a surprise blessing came with it! Thank you Evridge Farms, you are a hard working quality family and it shows. It tastes great and much better than store bought. Keep it coming we love it! VERY WELL DONE!

      Yayyy Farm Club!!!

      I'm really greatful for Farm Club! I love knowing that the quality of meat is good for us . The convenience of getting it shipped fresh right to your home is great. And I feel good knowing that it's coming from an AMAZING family. Ty so much!!🥰

      Brett Lee
      Best Beef quality around

      The overall cost per dollar is a steal to be able to have ground beef shipped straight to you every month. The beef is always consistent with various types of cooking, and the flavor is second to none.