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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Roberta Hollingsworth
      Great beef

      We really appreciate the great beef and terrific customer service we receive when doing business with the Evridge Farms. Already looking for our next order!

      Gerald Isom

      We ordered this box for our son living in Florida. Meat was still frozen when he opened the package. He really enjoys the beef.

      Cecilia Bauer
      Fantastic Wedding Gift

      I recently sent the West Texas Family Box as a wedding present to a sweet couple from Puerto Rico now making their home in New York. They had spent some time a few years ago in Texas and are both are very fond of trying different foods and spending time cooking together.Wonderful feedback on the steaks! It made such a great gift sending a product that is truly from our great state of Texas! Thank you Evridge Farms for being a part of our awesome beef industry!

      Claudia N Brown

      It arrived promptly and was still frozen solid. So far I have used hamburger and one of the sirlion steaks. The meat is very tender and tasty. Seems like the hamberger has a little more fat content than previous orders but it is still tasty.

      Tonya Aldridge
      Love love love Evridge Farm Beef!

      This package was exactly what they advertised actually no, it was better! We have lived every single item we've ever ordered! The beef is so tasty and the packaging is superb!