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      Farm Life and Family — beef carbon sequestration

      Why Beef IS the Sustainable Choice

      cattle graze on restored pastures at evridge farms

      As you celebrate Earth Day today, you may be wondering how you can live as sustainably as possible AND feed your family the highest quality protein. The truth is you are. I know cattle have had a bit of a PR crisis with the, now debunked, claim that they contribute more the greenhouse gases than, say, the transportation sector. If that seemed a little hard to believe, well, it’s because it was false. Sigh.

      Unfortunately, the damage is done and cattle raisers are left to clean up the mess caused by shoddy research.

      I’d like you, our customers, to understand what we do here on the farm to conserve and manage our land in a way that benefits our community and the environment. We want you to feel confident in your choice to support our family farm AND to continue eating beef!

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