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      Farm Life and Family — christmas experience

      Our Favorite Gifts for 2022

      Evridge Farms Gift Guide for 2022

      Christmas is such a special time of year on the farm. Things seem to slow down as compared to the busy growing seasons. I will say, though, that every single year I’m caught feeling behind with the gift buying.

      We work hard to source fun experiences and outdoor adventures over the latest electronic gadgets but please know, our kids are asking for the same things yours are! We just try hard to keep them outside! 

      Reading back through last year’s list, I stand by those gifts, and you may see some familiar items here but they are just too good to forget about.

       You should also know that we are not sponsored in any way (dang it) and we get absolutely nothing from these recommendations other than knowing that we may have helped make your gifting a little bit easier. 

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      Our Favorite Gifts

      Our Favorite Gifts
      Every year we scramble to find gifts that will show the people we love just how much we love them. For the last five years or so, in addition to a few wrapped gifts, we always give "experiences" to each other. These have included entries to half marathons in fun places, trampoline park visits, ski trips, camping trips, and many other adventures. These are always the best gifts of all but every once in a while a really fun gift shows up under the tree, too. 

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