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      Farm Life and Family — west texas

      Our Supply Chain

      Evridge Farms cattle eating grass during a Texas summer

      We've all seen the news about beef prices soaring and rancher's facing hard times. There are shortages and we may not be able to find beef in our grocery store. You are worried. We know. 

      Here, we choose not to participate in all of that. We just do it ourselves. We aren't dependent on the global supply chain or giant meat packers.

      Our beef is raised here, fed here with grains we grow or source from neighbors, and harvested here. Then, we get it right to your door- to your table.

      Here's how the process usually works and how we do things differently.  

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      A Dream Come True: Pasture Restoration at Evridge Farms

      A Dream Come True: Pasture Restoration at Evridge Farms
      Good things take time and there are no shortcuts. Years ago we bought some land that bordered us. I (Amanda) was not excited about the purchase. The land was covered in mesquite and tarbush, growing zero grass and looking like nothing good could possible come from it.  John knew better. Honestly, I don't know if he ever met a land parcel he didn't want to buy. Sigh. 

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