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      BEST Tri-Tip

      grilled tri-tip with chimichurri sauce on wood cutting board

      The Tri-Tip comes from the bottom of the sirloin and is named for its triangular shape. It's been popular on the West Coast since the 1960s but is quickly catching on everywhere else.  It full of flavor and when cooked correctly and cut thinly against the grain, its as good of a cut of steak as any! John is a big fan. I typically sear nicely in the cast iron pan and finish in the oven to 135 degrees (medium rare). That's mainly because we don't always start a fire to grill. But during the summer, cooking over a fire is really nice. 


      Weeknight Hero: Easy French Dip Sandwiches

      Evridge Farms French Dip Sandwiches

      As a busy farm mom, I'm always looking for easy, hands-off dinner ideas that the whole family will love. This one hits the spot every time. It's also a huge favorite for large groups. 

      We make this for our Farm Day field trip volunteers and for a church potluck but also just as an easy crockpot meal.